All LRWSC Transfer Sites require residents who are accessing the facilities, to present a "proof of residency" to our attendants by showing a utility bill, Lacombe County property tax notice, or a driver's license with a physical/mailing address. The following mailing addresses are NOT acceptable as proof of residency:

Blackfalds PO Box # (require physical address)

Eckville PO Box # (require physical address)

Alix PO Box # (require physical address)

RR#3 Lacombe (require physical address)

RR#1, 3, & 4 Eckville (require physical address)

Photographs of utility bills/tax notices on a smart phone will be accepted, provided that the attendant can read the information while maintaining social distancing (photos of Blue Sign addresses are not accepted)

  Verification of residency will be visually confirmed by the attendants and no personal information will be recorded.  This information is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Residential loads that cannot show proof of residency within the County of Lacombe will be turned away.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our legitimate rate paying residents, however, we are trying to eliminate any out of county residents (non contributing member) from utilizing our sites.


Hours of Operation:

Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am- 4:45pm

Saturday 8:00am- 11:45am

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December 26 & 27


Note: All Sites are closed on the following statutory holidays

New Years Day                 Family Day

Good Friday                     Easter Monday

Remembrance Day           Victoria Day

Thanksgiving Day            Canada Day

Christmas Day                 Civic Day

Boxing Day                     Labour Day

Christmas Floater (December 28 for 2022)




As of August 14, 2018, this Transfer site will be the new collection site for all White Goods appliances and water coolers for Eckville Area residents within Lacombe County.


The Town of Eckville will no longer collect these items, but will continue to sell the appropriate stickers.


Any appliance or water cooler must have the appropriate sticker attached before it can be accepted at this Transfer Site. Stickers are to be purchased at the Eckville Town Office during business hours. Appliances can not be unloaded without approval of the Site Operator.




Appliances containing refrigerant, including fridges, coolers, freezers, and small A/C units - $40.00


Appliances without refrigerant, including stoves, washers and dryers, water coolers and RV fridges - $10.00


Accepted Waste - Residential

Due to limited quantities (less than 499 kg) being accepted at this transfer station, there is no charge for any waste disposed of at this site, other than appliances. Please note that any loads over 499 kg are required to be taken to the Prentiss Transfer Site.

Household Waste ( compactor).

Wood, metal and dry rubble (only quantities less then 499 kg accepted).

Batteries, propane tanks and automotive filters, empty oil containers.

Agricultural chemical containers and eWaste are now accepted at Eckville transfer site.



Prohibited Waste

White goods without sticker, wood, metal or dry rubble in quantities over 499 kg. This must be transported to the Prentiss site.

Used oil,  liquid paint, carcasses, bio-medical waste, asphalt shingles, grain seeds, manure, feed, asbestos, explosives, hot burn barrels, radio-active material

Any waste that in the judgment of the site operator should be rejected by reason of:

Unknown content that may be a hazard 

Type of material, etc.

House Hazardous Materials



Transfer Site Location