Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission


Dear Members,

Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission owns and operates four Transfer Stations throughout Lacombe County as well as the Prentiss Landfill.  LRWSC strives to provide excellent customer service to all residents that utilize our facilities, while maintaining cost effective, efficient waste management operations. 

Our Transfer Station facilities are designed to accept many different types of residential waste that are small in volume and weight (<500kg) strictly for the convenience of our residents to reduce travelling to the Prentiss Landfill for small loads.  If you are unsure if your load will be accepted at a Transfer Station, or think it may be too large, users are encouraged to go to the Prentiss Landfill Facility to avoid refusal at the Transfer Station.   We do require that in order to serve the residents with smaller loads, that large loads (>500kg, or larger than a pickup truck box) be taken to the Prentiss Landfill facility.   

The attendant at each of our Transfer Stations is following rules set out by LRWSC to abide by our small load policy to maintain efficient operations.  The attendants are also instructed to promote and educate our residents in waste separation at the Transfer Stations to help facilitate diversion of unnecessary materials in our Landfill.

The rules that are set out at each of our Transfer Stations and must be followed are as such:

·         Acceptable loads must be able to fit in a pickup truck box and weigh less than 500kg (Trailers are fine if the pickup truck box is empty, but the trailer must be equal to the pickup truck box size, no larger) in the attendant’s estimation.

·         All residential loads must check in with the Site Attendant prior to unloading waste.

·         Respectful communication from both parties is expected.  Disrespectful behavior will result in refusal to utilize our facilities.

·         Loads must be sorted to the satisfaction of the Site Attendant.  LRWSC expects that if material is placed in the incorrect area by a resident, the resident will attempt to correct the situation and place the item in the correct area as directed by the Site Attendant.

·         A maximum of two loads per day per household is allowed so that there is room for everyone to use the facilities.  We do not have the equipment available at the Transfer Station Level to maintain the larger volumes.  These restrictions apply to Rubble, Compactor, and Metal waste, but the attendant may apply these restrictions to any other waste streams or recycling based on current available room.

·         All silage wrap loads brought by front end load tractors to our sites, must call ahead to ensure there is room that day for disposal.

·         It is NOT the Site Attendant’s job to clean up any mess left by the resident while unloading waste.  Refusing to clean up, or unloading waste irresponsibly can result in the loss of utilization of our facilities.

·         All LRWSC sites have 24/7 video and audio recording to assist with theft prevention and conflicts.  All suspicious activity recorded is handed over to the authorities for further review.

·         The Site Attendant has the final say over all activities and waste delivered to our sites.  Refusal to follow the Site Attendants direction can result in the refusal to accept the waste load and/or banning from utilizing our facilities.

·         The Site Attendant will request a proof of Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission Membership in the form of a physical address of where the waste is originating from as we do not allow waste from outside of the boundaries of Lacombe County at our facilities.  If the resident is unable to provide proof, the load will be refused until such time proof can be presented.  We will accept any form of address that matches your identification such as a Utility Bill, Tax Role, or Driver’s Licence.  Failure to arrive at the Transfer Station without your Drivers Licence may result in refusal to accept your waste load.

o   The Town of Blackfalds withdrew from LRWSC membership years ago, as a result, residents within the Town of Blackfalds boundaries are excluded from utilizing our facilities and will be refused access.  Please contact the Blackfalds Town Office for waste disposal locations.

·         Commercial loads of rubble, metal or wood are not accepted at any of our Transfer Stations and must be taken to the Prentiss Landfill.  There is a minimum charge of $25.00 for all Commercial loads under 500kg at the Prentiss Landfill.

LRWSC appreciates the relationships and respect from our all our members within Lacombe County.  We hope that clarification of the expectations at our Transfer Stations will make for a more pleasurable experience for everyone while visiting our facilities.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (403)782-8970, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you,




Jay Hohn

LRWSC Manager