Battery Recycling

Please note that as of May 1, 2022, the ePilot program has expanded to include all household batteries from electronics and ePilot materials. The ePilot program includes over 500 items with a power cord and/or battery.  The ePilot program had previously accepted only loose power tool batteries as they were easily identifiable as an ePilot product.

As of May 1, 2022, LRWSC, at no charge, will accept all loose household single use and rechargeable batteries. These loose batteries will be included in the ePilot collection program.

What is a Household battery?

All consumer single use or rechargeable batteries weighing less than 5 kg each can be recycled.

Single use (non-rechargeable) batteries - includes lithium primary batteries and alkaline/single-use household batteries. These batteries are commonly found in watches, car remotes, TV remote controls, and calculators.

Rechargeable batteries include Nickel cadmium batteries, Small sealed lead acid batteries, Nickel zinc batteries, Nickel metal hydride batteries, Lithium ion / lithium polymer batteries, commonly found in cellphones, digital cameras, laptop computers, cordless power tools, toy ride-on vehicles and other household appliances.

For more details on battery types please see the Call2Recycle

Safely store, sort, and ship

If not handled properly, batteries can be a fire hazard.

Some best practice suggestions are:

• Taping over the ends (positive and negative terminals) of each individual lithium battery and button style batteries.

• Separate your taped lithium batteries by putting inside a Ziploc bag and sealing shut.

• Taping off the ends of your lithium and button batteries will ensure that they cannot touch each other to prevent a fire from occurring.

What happens to recycled batteries? According to Call2Recycle, when batteries are recycled at various processors, valuable metals can be recovered and used into new products such as silverware, pots and pans, new batteries, and even golf clubs.

LRWSC accepts ePilot program materials at the following sites:

Eckville Transfer Station

Bentley Transfer Station

Alix/Mirror Transfer Station

Prentiss Transfer Station

Please inform the site attendant that you have ePilot program batteries for correct placement of materials at each site.

For more information, call Prentiss Transfer Station (403) 782-8970.